• Welcome to homepage apartments Pucarin

    Clean and clear see is waiting

    350 meters from beach, close to FKK camp Konobe

  • Arriving by boat or want to sail?

    All this and more offers you Punat

    Visit our islands and experience unforgettable moments

  • Punat Map

    Where we are

    Pucarin Simo, Krčka 21, 51521 Punat, ++385 51 854 640, ++385 98 559 379, simo.pucarin@ri.t-com.hr

  • Each beach has its own charm

    Relax and enjoy the deserved rest

    Peaceful, quiet, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters - an unforgettable experience.

  • Two bedrooms

    For two to four people, extra bed will be charged
  • Room R1

    For two people together using kitchen and terrace
  • Room R2

    For two to three persons, extra bed will be charged
  • Room R3

    For two people, the entrance to a private bathroom from hall
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